sábado, 3 de agosto de 2013

The Cult- The Saints are Down

I'm so blind I cannot see
you're so warm to me
I'm not there/you are here
Please take me

The saints are down

Life's so long or short should I say
I am here to get it on with you today
Girl you should know that I love you more than I can say
Sometimes I fear all those things that come down on us anyway

My saints are down Let me tell you why

Hey pretty good what you got to say
Whose fucking life is it anyway
Don't you know anything about anybody else
You're so wrapped up in your tiny self

Saints are down/you're saints are down
Down, they're down and they're not coming round
They're not easily found, and they're buried in the ground
Yeah they're buried upside down

Saints are down yes they are

2 comentarios:

  1. Me gustan mucho The Cult, esta canción no podía faltarme

    1. Lo que más me gusta de esta canción es lo diferente que es dentro de la discografía de The Cult, así como la capacidad de emocionar que tiene.